Tuesday, 19 June 2018

PLAY - The Four Letter Word that is often misunderstood

At this time of year it is a good time to take stock of how Play-Based Learning is progressing.

Why continue the focus on play in Year 3?

This easy reading blog by Sarah Aiono is thought provoking.  Have a read.  It makes 'play' seem such a logical option for the development of children's creativity.  (Click on the first sentence above)

Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs (2010), proposes that children need more than good test scores to be successful.

These skills include those also known as Executive Functioning Skills:
1. Focus and self-control
2. Perspective taking
3. Communication
4. Making connections
5. Critical thinking
6. Taking on challenges
7. Self-directed, engaged learning

We have been working on the above skills.  See the photos below and decide which skill you think they are learning.


Room 3 are finally getting to enjoy more frequent and lengthier play sessions and we are LOVING it!  Sometimes we think we are not learning anything.... but our teacher is secretly allowing us to learn in our own way, with our own contexts, and with whom we choose.  She knows we are learning LOTS.... and because we are so happy, we ARE learning so much!  How lucky are we?  We know we are learning lots too.

Our teacher is a bit of a detective though....and she is listening to our conversations as we play.  Kids are such good teachers!

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Every day we are researching!  We are making discoveries just like little scientists and mathematicians.  We hope you enjoy browsing some photos of us in play.

Interdependent Thinking - Technology

Creative Arts - Mosaics


Maths - Money!  Sorting, counting, adding

Have you checked out our PLAY page?  Look at the tabs across the top of the page.  Click on PLAY and there you will find some interesting information about our work (PLAY)!  Challenge yourself....  learn one new fact about play-based learning a day.

Construction - Technology

Maths/Literacy/Construction - Creating their own Monopoly Game


Palydough - Role play

Maths - Counting in tens and ones

Are all the eggs in one basket?

Cooking - measuring.  What is a quarter? Half? 

Cooking - reading and interpreting instructions

 Have a look to the right of the page.....  there is a homework for parents section!  Lots of informative and interesting reading in there.  Don't be afraid....  your homework won't be graded!  and it's not difficult or even boring.   give it a go! you don't even need an excuse for not doing it.

Painting pots for planting - Visual Arts and Environmental Studies

cooking - Taking Risks

Literacy - BINGO

Literacy - Developing Vocabulary

Mathematics - Yahtzee

Literacy - creating words and sentences

Mathematics - working out and writing equations

Mathematics - counting in tens and ones.

Litearcy - how many words can you make?

Technology - constructions

Technology - constructions

Mathematics - sorting, building, discussions

Mathematics - looking at size and balance

Technology & Mathematics - constructing machines with moveable parts

Technology and Mathematics - Constructing machinery with moveable parts.

Mathematics - Geometry (Shape)

Science - Discovering magnetic properties

Mathematics - Geometry (Shape)

Maths - Shape

Shape and Patterns

Mathematics - Geometry (Shape)

Size and Balance

Interdependent Thinking - Construction

Pride in their improvements


Mathematics - shape

Construction and Imagination

Interdependent Thinking - Imagination

Knitting - such concentration

Mathematics - Geometry (Shape)

Technology - creating a container for selling the donut!

Literacy - outdoor writing

Outdoor imaginations

What is it?  Where does it grow?  What COULD it be?

Eeeek!!!  Watch out!

Enjoying writing in the sun

Literacy - Reading in the sun

This easy reading blog by Sarah Aiono is thought provoking.  Have a read.  It makes 'play' seem such a logical option for the development of children's creativity.